Get Your Fill

by The RattleSnakes

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released May 7, 2014

brian c - guitar
tara b c - vocals
greg b - bass
brian h - guitar
mike c - drums, recording/mastering




The RattleSnakes Maine

RIP The Rattlesnakes

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Track Name: Bad Thing
i don't feel like i need to apologize
to society
these aren't crimes
when i'm feeling overwhelmed
and hitting the slope full slide
delicate thoughts gushing
from my eyes

we tell each other these manditory lies
(deception this good comes with a price)
it's enough to keep you on our side
we watch other through paranoid eyes
(flashing under tender smiles)
and silently say
don't do the bad thing

theres a tombstone forest
in my head
everything sprouting
comes up already dead
the only mystery
is the lack of mystery
i reveal my hand
and it's just an ordinary hand

chorus again

im always nervous when i idle
the needles pegged on the dial
burning up on the quarter mile
it's lonely past the curve
but you'll catch up
when i hit the brakes

chorus again
Track Name: Life Complaint
spiraling beside my doubt
contradictions in parallel
i would bring the ship ashore
but i can't find the ground

no one really listens anyways
to all the words i have to sing
they're all about the same thing
everyone's getting off in this town
the circle jerks its way around
and we're all up to our knees in it

let's sit around the fire
and complain about life

maybe i'm a comedown queen
stranded on a greasy beam
but i keep climbing and trying
to find my ground

everyone's got some point to make
there all getting in each others way
and i'm just trying to be
history repeats itself everyday
and the only thing that's left to say
is something somebody else has said

let's sit around the fire
and complain

walking up the spiral stairs
rising up to nothing much
but i keep climbing and finding
sometimes its worth the while
Track Name: The Pizza Never Came
no one gets hungry quite like me
i feel my blood boiling
we heard the numbers
that you were dialing
we planned out one sick sacrifice

close the curtain
trust your instinct

intentions aren't a guarantee
they're only good on delivery
with no restraints employed
i whip it out and start to gorge
don't even stop to say sorry

open the window
throw the box out

and say
the pizza never came
Track Name: My 2 Brians
they put on different shoes
walk down their avenues
to a dead end room
we're so used to
you lean on me i'll lean on you
you cut him and he'll cut you
and when you bleed
he bleeds back into you

that last track wasn't much
til my 2 brians came around
turning up and laying down

flashes of light from a clouded sunset
it's all gonna make sense when we're dead and gone

living where you once stood
with your friends in the woods
now we're underground and out of sight
over time we stooped to low
got to old to rock and roll
all the searing the notes made our eardrums blow

all of us
we're all turned to dust
little piles mixed up on the stone
destroyed everything
destroyed everyone
now there's nothing left to do

our sentiments
in the sediment
flowing down the river
and spreading like a flame